About Us

Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude. With the same commitment Big Pharma is engaged in the pharmaceutical business for many years. We aim to command a leading position in developing new healthcare products. Our unrelenting product and process development, analytical development, vendor and supplier evaluation, allows us to make momentous strides in healthcare industry on regular basis. Our aspirations are to deliver unparalleled innovation, and the best of science. The scientific evaluation and skills associated with formulating quality product is provided by a group of dedicated, highly qualified personnel in our product development and research department, and backed up by a professional analytical development laboratory.

Our misson is to be a profitable and efficient mainstream drug Manufacturer in Pakistan as well as in international Pharmaceutical markets by achieving excellence in Products, operations, knowledge acquisition and Customer services.

We are a company with a vision that goes beyond the realms of time. A company that is committed to encouraging happier and healthier lives across the globe by actively pursuing and engaging in best innovative practices for the provision of quality healthcare pharmaceutical products.

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