Big Berry


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Big Berry
(Nutraceukcal Sachets)
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Big Berry is commonly known to cure for urinary infections. Recent studies have shown it can reduce the ability of E.coli to adhere to the lining of the bladder and urethra, reducing the potential for urinary tract infections (UM). UT’s in men are not so common. Nearly 2. of women who have a UTI will have more than one and 3096 of those will have more than two chances of having such infections. Most infections arise from one type of bacteria, Escherichia coli, which normally live in the colon.
Cranberry Extract (USP) 250mg
Blueberry (BP) 25mg
Vitamin CIBP) 20mg
Dietary supplement for better urinary tract function. Big Berry effective for: Preventing urinary tract infections (UTIs). Some research shows that drinking cranberry juice or taking certain cranberry extracts can lower the risk of repeated MB in some people, such as women, children, older people, and people who are hospitalized. But cranberry juice and cranberry extracts don’t seem to prevent repeated UTIs in all people.


To assure freshness & potency, store at room temperature 159-309 C CSB9-869F). Store away from heat, light & moisture.


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